Nahamcon2022 Prisoner

This Nahamcon2022 easy challenge was fun to figure out. When you log into the challenge box you are greeted with

My first instinct was to do Control + C. That did not work….Not at all. Alright, lets try typing quit…nope…Lets try exit..Not going to be that easy. Lets try another keyboard shortcut Control + D. BAM!!! It was a python script that was locking you in. Now that you are in a python shell on the system what can you do? Lets see if the CTF creators allow us to spawn a shell by using the python command we usually use when we get a reverse shell pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash"). That gives you a bash shell on the machine. List the directory with ls and get the flag thats right there in the directory for you to cat out.

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